Friday, March 23, 2012

Latest Homework Assignment

This week, we're back from spring. I heard that 4th quarter I should not expect anything school related to get done. There are a few events coming up such as parent-teacher conferences, Island Wide Speech Festival, Flag Day, Prom, Easter, and then graduation. All these events require students to practice for their part and practice is conveniently during class time. With that in mind, my students had one assignment to complete this week, which only a small fraction actually did. I'm trying to improve their writing so their assignment was to answer three short answer questions. The first that I am going to share, answers the question "What are some ways you can change a negative attitude into a positive one?"

The following is by a senior accounting student named Ezra. This is his exact wording.

"Well, there are many ways that I can change a negative attitude into a positive attitude. First, if you have a negative attitude, talk to your parents, tell then what are some of the way that they think it will change your behavior, so you will become a better person. Second, is pray to our Father in heaven, to help you solve whatever difficult problem that you are facing in this life. Fourth, is interact to your teacher, and tell your teacher that you need help, don't shy to talk to your teacher, you might never know, is that what they say to you is the answer to your problem. And last but not least, if you have a bad behavior right now, start today to go church until the last day of the earth, and don't forget to read your bible."

Another student mentioned that "the belt" is "a strategy all Samoan parents always use on their children to straighten out their attitude."

The last question to their assignment asked their opinion on the most important subject in school.

Another senior accounting student on mine, Aljandro answered...

"My mom always tells me that I need to have these two subjects with me when I get into high school is Accounting and Math. I ask her why accounting is important. She told me that accounting helps me when work at big companies. She knows that math is my favorite subject so she didn't have to tell me why I need to take math. I know that you need to have a math in any job you go to. So now I know why accounting is important. Why? It is because it reall helps people to know how the company is doing. Helps me to know if the company is doing good or bad, and if there's a problem I need to fix it early before it becomes a big problem. Plus accounting should always goes together with math."

Reading these made me smile and I hope it will do the same for you!

For next time: my blog regarding my spring break with Suzanne is not yet done. Pictures can be found on Suzanne's facebook. I will also be writing a piece that has to do with Senior Ball that was held last night.


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