Thursday, March 8, 2012


For my financial record keeping class, I decided that instead of a test we were going to do presentations. Its easier for me to grade and testing, for them, is just a pain and a joke. After our accounting unit, which didn't go as well as I would have liked, we moved onto saving and investing. For their midterm, students were required to pair up and create a some kind of presentation (or marketing tool) that would educate others on saving and investing. Their information had to include the obvious; saving and investing as well as budgeting, needs and wants, the 5 factors of risk, diversification, investment options, and it had to be fun and creative. To my surprise, the presentations were fantastic! My students came up with brochures, skits, poems, songs, raps, news broadcasts, and commercials. Below is a song performed by two of my senior boys (one who looks like T-Pain), Daniel and Tua. I've attached their lyrics because the quality of my video isn't great. The song is a spoof off the "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.

Good Morning!
We're so smart
we're going to give you our knowledge

Today's midterm we hope we'll get an A
For sharing with you what we know
Put your needs before your wants
Your results will end up marvelous
So if you budget good
You'll get life's big items

You could go to college, buy a house, maybe even a car
Whatever you do, we hope that you'll go farther than us
Because we don't even care

The 5 factors of risk,
its on the board, we hope you've memorized it,
Before... we do.... this (snap and erase board)

Saving is money left over
That you keep
Invest to get benefits
You'll have to take a risk 
If you don't, you gotta ask yourself this
How am I gonna save it?
Invest, we hope we'll past this test

Now were gonna talk about diversification
Don't invest you money in just one things
You have to spread it out to wide to reduce risk
Before you will end up with this (STRESS on the paper)
So remember your options are bonds, stocks, and CD's
Not a disk, hahahahaha..... jokes

O yes we said it
O yes we said it
You heard it
Don't lie cause you're sitting right there


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